June 30, 2009

Domestic Plates x Jeremyville

Gelati, Cupcakes

Eat the Vegetables!, Eat the Animals!

Commissioned by Domestic, Paris
New images of plates just in from Domestic Paris, these will be showcased at my solo show at Artoyz in Paris, November 29th 2007. Come along if you are in Paris.

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The Golden City

(2m x 4m, acrylic and ink on canvas)
Tiger Translate, Beijing, August 2007.

Invited to paint in Beijing as a part of Tiger Translate. There with Jon Burgerman and Ben Frost, collabing with 3 other Chinese artists.

This image is from Blond Magazine, Germany. Pic by Oak. Isabell wrote the story and Nina worked on it too. Thanks to all concerned for a great event.

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Tiger Translate - Beijing

I've been invited to Beijing for this event, here is the text from the Tiger Translate site:

'Following successful global showcases in New York and Berlin, Tiger Translate shifts its attention to the cradle of Beijing's burgeoning arts scene. On Saturday, 14th July, the 798 Space, Dashanzi Art District, Beijing will play host to Tiger Translate Beijing Event using the theme of "Gold".

Showcasing the works of 25 emerging Asian artists, Tiger Translate will also bring in established names Jeremyville (Australia), Ben Frost (Australia), Jon Burgerman (UK) and Luke Bennett (Germany). It will be the very first time these artists have visited the country and they will be collaborating with cornerstone Chinese artists Li Qiu Qiu, Nie Jun and Song Yang. Supported by some of China’s most eclectic musicians, this creative broth cooking in the Tiger Translate kitchens promises to be a feast for hungry eyes and ears.

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Tiger Translate, Beijing

MTV Toy Italy x Jeremyville

I was invited to Milan by MTV for their 10th anniversary celebrations. I stayed in the MTV House with Tado, Furi Furi, Mauro Gatti, Yo Clas!, Simone and Ivan from Tokdoki, and Steve from Rinzen....good times! Thanks to Zingri and Laura and the whole MTV Italy team!

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'Voices in My Head' - The Vader Project custom helmet show

(ink, spray and gloss enamel on fibreglass)

75 artists customize Darth Vader helmets in landmark gallery exhibition for Star Wars Celebration IV , May 24th to 28th, 2007 Los Angeles Convention Center

This is a cool show. An actual lifesize Vader helmet was sent to me, along with artists like Jeff Soto, Buffmonster, Seen, J.Otto Siebold, Baseman, Dalek, Simone Legno, Mars_1, basically the best around, see the full list below, and read the press release.

Awesome, thanks to Dov Kelemer from DKEToys in LA for inviting me to be a part of this very cool project.

More information including a complete artist list available at


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New York City drawings x Jeremyville

found these 2 drawings today...I recall they were drawn freehand on a bumpy plane from Sydney to New York, A3 sketchbook 2007.

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June 23, 2009

'Get Involved' poster art show, London

I'm in the 'Get Involved' poster show in London, curated by Gavin Lucas from Creative Review, UK.

The artist list includes Build, Anthony Burrill, Jon Burgerman, Dave The Chimp, James Joyce, Jeremyville, Kate Moross, Ian Stevenson.


Facebook event page:

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June 17, 2009

A Walk Downtown...

thinking about walking around the Lower East Side in winter time, with an endless coffee.

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June 15, 2009

Custom toy for Superego, Italy

A custom toy commission for Superego, Italy. Thanks to Area B Gallery, Milan. Photo by Megan Mair. Thanks to Kidrobot.

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