March 4, 2008

Fused Magazine UK, contents page, march 2008

Commissioned by David O'Coy and Kerry Thomas, thanks.

Jeremyville, NYC Show.

Showroom Gallery Dec 2007. Thanks to Thunderdog Studios.

Guitar Custom show, New York, december 2007.

Jeremyville Sessions. Published by IdN.

Road With Skull. Acrylic on canvas panel. 2007.

Starting some paintings, this is a study. More paintings soon.

Ghost of Andy Trexi

Secret figure in the Series 3 of Trexi, Ghost of Andy. I have some at my webstore, well soon anyway.

Acid Dreams hand painted deck.

Sold to a buyer in Denmark

March 2, 2008

Converse x Jeremyville

The Converse x Jeremyville shoes were launched in LA last thursday evening at a big LA event, they will be available around october 08.